Our Mission


Providing REAL suppport, teaching REAL skills, seeing REAL outcomes

Growing Their Futures provides a Therapeutic program for young people to facilitate positive self-esteem, self-development, and appropriate inter-personal skills, focusing on relationship building and repair. The program engages young people in a variety of activities, with a view to reflection and learning, so as to adopt healthier ways to respond to stress, anger, and crisis.

Growing Their Futures understands that many families and carers with high and complex needs young people, have few or limited avenues of support. Similarly, young people often become frustrated and caught in cycles of conflict and/or pain-based behaviour.

It is aimed that the program will provide such an opportunity as to disrupt existing conflict cycles, provide respite for young people and caregivers alike, while resetting foundations for young people to re-engage with their caregivers, peers and wider community in a more positive capacity upon finishing the program.


Growing Their Futures Program Practitioners use the REAL approach, focusing on:

  • Relationships
  • Engagement
  • Alternatives
  • Life Skills

Growing Their Futures Practitioners recognise that each individual has different talents, skills and capabilities, ensuring these are valued and built upon.

Each of these areas of the REAL approach is reviewed as to the Young Person’s participation in the retreat.


  • Provide respite for Caregivers and Young People
  • Assist Young People to develop inter-personal skills, build positive relationships, increase self-awareness
  • Assist Young People to explore identity, as well as develop positive self-esteem, understanding concepts such as teamwork and inter-dependency
  • Provide a reflective space for Young People to develop alternative strategies for stress and conflict
  • Educate Young People as to the importance of physical health, linking this to the benefits of improved mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Provide Young People with positive memories and take away learnings to share with caregivers