Our Program

“Growing Their Futures” is an intensive therapeutic program constructed carefully with the vision and assistance of Youth Workers, Counsellors, Psychologists, Outdoor Education Facilitators and Social Workers. The program provides the opportunity for disengaged youth to interact, engage and participate with behavioural experts within a unique life altering program.

The program runs over seven weeks which is broken into:

  • Week 1,3, 5 & 7 are 3 day weekend camp retreats starting on a Friday at 8am and finishing on a Sunday at 5pm
  • Week 2, 4, 6 all participants will engage in 1 mentor session, 1 family/school support session and 1 psychology session
  • Week 7 camp retreat will include a graduation dinner for parents/carers to attend at the camp site.

Each young person will receive:

  • Growing Their Futures ┬át-shirt
  • Growing Their Futures cap
  • Growing Their Futures drink bottle
  • Growing Their Futures Tent
  • Graduation certificate