Our Story

In 2013 a passionate, experienced and dedicated Youth Worker; Watene Waenga founded a youth therapeutic program named “Growing Their Futures”. The positive outcomes and youth transformations from Watene’s program encouraged him to increase his numbers in 2015. The demand and success of the program was high thus urging Watene to seek options to expand his program.
These programs come about due to Watene’s experience working with youth. Initially it began with helping young people through physical exercise and with this came increased self-confidence and esteem. Watene added to this supporting young people to engage in counselling sessions that they were refusing to attend. Watene utilised different strategies to engage young people to improve their lives. A passion of Watene’s is camping, through experience and research he strongly believes eco therapy is a must when helping people with past trauma. Long story short it was 5 years of helping young people and seeing positive results which helped pave the program “Growing Their Futures”